the rise and fall of the STREDAL family

This page is dedicated to the very brief genealogical story of what possibly could be one of the shortest lived family surnames in history; my mothers maiden name, STREDAL. Here's the story, in four short acts:

Act 1: This is Johanna and Christian Hansen, my great grandparents on my mothers side. This photograph was taken in Copenhagen, Denmark about 1888. They had three daughters, Alma, Esther and Ella.  hansens.gif (37123 bytes)
stredals.gif (33672 bytes) Act 2: This is daughter Alma Hansen with husband Niels Hermann Jensen and their first born daughter Iris, who is my mother. Mr. Hansen and Mrs. Jensen decides (rightly so) that there are too many Jensen's and Hansen's in Denmark, so with great expectations for future generations of the family, they legally change their surname to Stredal. This was a fairly common practice in Denmark at the time and very much encouraged by the government. This picture was taken in 1913.
Act 3: The happy Stredal couple now have 7 more children; all daughters: Following the birth of my mother, Iris Stredal in 1912, came Edith, Inger, Vibeke, Lizzie, Ruth, Annelise and Kirsten.
Act 4: The daughters are now married and the Stredal family name is history! This picture was taken in 1950. Youngest daughter Kirsten in center flanked by her monther Alma and her grandmother Joanna.
A grand total of only ten individuals ever used the Stredal surname.
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