Santa Fe Railroad Memorabilia

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Here is a small sampling of my Santa Fe railroad memorabilia collection. (Please be patient, the page may be a bit slow in loading since it consists exclusively of illustrations). I have shown only a few selected articles that anyone can buy at railroad meets, etc. for very reasonable prices.

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Luggage label from the 1939. This one has the original glue on the back



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Santa Fe playing cards. Used for advertising, also distributed to passengers on longer trips


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Santa Fe Railroad postcards. The one on the left is the depot in Stockton, California; the one on the right shows the Raton Tunnel - the highest point on the Santa Fe railroad

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Santa Fe bond certificate issued in 1891





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Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe railroad pass from 1922




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Santa Fe freight business telegram dated March 26, 1926


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Advertising ink blotter


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Letter written on Santa Fe's California Limited on June 6, 1928





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