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Blytmann Family

Stredal Family


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Alaska Cruise on the "Kittiwake"

Mason 43 Cutter


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Baltimore Schooner "Vigilant"

Anegada Island Shipwrecks

The History and Shipwreck


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Santa Fe Railroad Memorabilia




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If you are interested in such diversified topics as Caribbean Shipwrecks, Genealogy, Bird watching, Yachting & Cruising, Santa Fe Railroad Memorabilia or  Maritime History - then join us, browse around, and, if you wish, contribute any information you may have on these subjects.

Genealogy: We have split our genealogy section into two main groups. The first group - our family name, Blytmann - has several subgroups in which we discuss the Blytmann, Bluethman, Blythman and Blüthmann surname derivations. The Stredal surname was perhaps the shortest lived family name in history - read all about it here!

Yachting: We are not boat racing, but cruising folks! Each summer, time permitting, we take our sailboat "Kittiwake" (you birdwatchers know where that name came from) on a cruise up into British Columbia and sometimes beyond. We just finished a two months cruise to the tidewater glaciers in southeast Alaska; Charlotte decided to publish the journal from that trip here. Don't miss the photographs!

Maritime History: Having written a few published articles on maritime history, Tage wrote a short article especially for this web site about one of the famous Baltimore Clipper schooners - the 130 year old "Vigilant"; his all-time favorite sailing vessel. Accompanying the article are some choice historical photos and pictures. Also, in this section, you will find a carefully researched and quite comprehensive annotated list of shipwrecks on the island of Anegada in the British Virgin Islands. Finally, don't miss the article Tage wrote about the history and shipwreck of the HMS ASTREA.

Railroad History: Wherever we travel we always seem to be most interested in two things: Bird watching and riding Steam Trains! We also collect railroad memorabilia and the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad is Tage's favorite. Shown here is a small selection of the Santa Fe memorabilia he has collected.

Have fun - and don't forget to contact us if you have anything to contribute, whether it may be a newly discovered shipwreck on Anegada island or a small piece of the big genealogical puzzle!

Tage & Charlotte Blytmann
Poulsbo, Washington (USA)
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